Hi, my name is Simon

I’m a Native Russian Certified Translator

Let me tell a bit more about my life journey and experience in the field of English-Russian language translation services


I was enrolled at the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University in the Department of English Language and Intercultural Communication in 2005.


My translation career started in early 2007 when I was a second-year student. I worked as a freelance translator in a local translation agency.


I graduated from KRSU as a Linguist-Translator (Russian, English and German Linguistics) in 2010.

In-house job

During my final year at the university, I joined the translation department team in an operating branch of Chaarat Gold geological exploration and gold mining company in Bishkek.

I worked with wonderful people under the guidance of Marina Kolesnikova – skilled professional with over 20 years of experience in the translation industry. There I learned much about top translation standards and practices, mastered SDL Trados CAT tool and performed the role of Project Manager dealing primarily with technical and legal documentation.

My specializations included translation of geological exploration, hydrogeological and geophysical reports, basics design documentation, drawings and charts, equipment specifications, contracts, and provisions.

I also rendered interpreting services during office meetings and field trips on the mining site and in underground workings.

Back to Freelance

After three years of work in the translation department, I hit the ceiling as Senior Translator. I felt like it was not enough for me, and I had to move on. That is why I decided to shift back to freelance, this time trying to reach the global market.

In September 2013, I created my first website, registered on several freelance portals and re-started individual work.

Russian Translator Pro

In November 2015 I launched this website and started development of a consistent online marketing strategy aimed to deliver high-quality content for translation clients. With this site, I’m trying to help my clients find appropriate information and answers to translation-related questions. You can visit FAQ page or my blog about translation with handy tips for customers to find out more about translation services.

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