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What are your language pairs?

I am a native Russian translator. English is my second language. Other translators in our team are also native Russian speakers. Therefore, our primary language pair is English-Russian. However, you can order translation both from English to Russian and from Russian to English (depending on project requirements we can offer editing by a native English speaker).


Do you have a degree in translation?

Yes, I have graduated from the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University with a Specialist Degree in Russian, English and German linguistics. The specialist degree in Russian educational system is an equivalent of the Master’s Degree (Bologna process). My specialization: “Theory and practice of the English language and Intercultural Communication.” Other team members also have a dergree in linguistics and some of them have post-greaduate degree in other fields like IT and Law.


How many years of experience do you have?

I have over 12 years of translation experience. I started my freelance translation career in 2007 when I was a third-year student. During the last year at the university, I joined a local mining and Exploration Company Chaart Zaav as a technical translator in the translation department. Since 2013, I shifted back to freelance. Currently, I work as a self-employed translator and as a team leader of a boutique translation agency offering specialized translation services. My team members have at least 10 years of translation and editing experience.


How much do you charge for translation?

I offer a flexible pricing system consisting of Basic, Standard and Premium Translation packages. The Basic rate ($0.10 per word) is a good choice for simple translation projects such as translation of personal texts or business emails. If you need a professional translation of technical and legal texts, we suggest choosing the Standard package. In this case, the cost of translation will be $0.14 per word. This price includes professional translation, proofreading by another linguist, desktop publishing, and computer assisted quality control. Premium package is designed for the most complex types of translation, e.g. marketing translations or translation of texts aimed at a large international audience. The cost of work will be $0.18 per word. This pricing package includes all feature of the Standard package + editing and proofreading by a professional Russian editor. In addition, you will get 10% off for your first order.


What is standard translation page?
There are several standards to estimate translation depending on translation service provider. I use the most common one in the translation industry: one standard page consists of 250 words. I have prepared a blog where you can find more information about the standard translation page.
How to calculate the cost of my translation project?
You can use an Online Quote form below. You need to select the language combination (English-Russian) and upload your file (the form and my website work through a secure SSL protocol, so you don’t need to worry about your file security) and you will find the cost of work right away.
What is your minimum charge?

My minimum charge is the same as the cost of a standard page as per the Basic package – $25. If you have a single short document less than 250 words, we still have to spend time for communication, research, translation and proofreading. Therefore, we charge the minimum rate for projects smaller than one page. However, if we already translated a text for you and you have some small additions to this text, we will apply the standard rate as per the relevant translation package.


Do you offer any discounts?
Yes, I offer 10% first-time client discounts and I have a special discount policy for my regular clients.
How soon can you deliver translation?
It depends on the scope of work and my current workload. Usually, I translate up to 2500 words per day.
How do you ensure translation quality?
I use up-to-date specialized dictionaries, CAT and QC tools ensuring error-free texts. In addition, all translated texts pass through proofreading. In case of Translation + package, there is an additional QC step – editing and proofreading performed by a professional Russian editor.
What are your areas of specialization?
I specialize in translation of web content (blog articles, landing pages), app localization, technical translations (construction and engineering, geological exploration, ore mining, power engineering, occupational safety), legal translation (contracts, agreements, laws, and taxes, terms of services), translation of scientific texts (environmental and social studies), IT (software, hardware, systems and networks).
How can I order translation?
You can send a message to my email or use the Online Quote form on the homepage.
How can I pay for translation?
You can pay using your Visa or MasterCard banks cards. I also accept payments via Payoneer and wire transfer systems (e.g. Western Union) or direct bank transfer to my settlement account. All prices stated on this website do not include transaction fees. Please take this into account.
Can you issue invoices?
Yes, I can issue invoices (signed and stamped) for translation services using my own template with an indication of all information necessary for your accounting purposes.
What about confidential and sensitive information?
I know that some translation projects require special attention. I am always ready to sign NDA to ensure a proper protection of your data. All information provided via this website is transmitted via a secure SLL protocol. In addition, I will deliver all project files after translation and delete them from my computer (if necessary).
What file formats do you work with?
I work with all major file formats, like docx, pdf, pptx, exlsx, pub, dwg, SDL files, web formats like html, xml, po, etc. Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you have specific file format.
Do you use machine translation?
No, I don’t use any machine translation engines and do not provide post-editing services.
What CAT tools do you use?
I use SDL Trados 2015, SmartCAT, Memsource, and MateCAT.
Do you translate websites?
Yes, I translate websites. I can also help you with website localization if your site uses WordPress CMS or similar PHP-based scripts. You can find more information about my localization service son this page: Website translation services.
Do you translate WordPress plugins and themes?
Yes, I translate WordPress plugins and themes. I can start translation as soon as you provide localization files and make payment.
Do you translate Google Play or Apple Store applications and their descriptions?
Yes, I can help you with the translation of Play Markey or Apple Store applications and their descriptions. Learn more about this service on this page: App Localization.
Do you offer proofreading and editing services?
Yes, we offer proofreading and editing services. If you want to check and/or improve the text translated by another specialist, feel free to contact me.

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