Our recent translation projects

(language combination, subject matter, number of words and general information)

English-Russian translation of Handbooks (57,000 words)

English-Russian translation of Handbooks and Manuals for Virginia Public Schools. Scope of work: 57,000 words.


English-Russian translation of a website for the Aga Khan Development Network. Estimated scope of work: over 500,000 words. 

English-Russian Translation Of A Credit Facility Agreement (58,000 Words)

English-Russian translation of a credit facility agreement for a major Russian mining company, glossary complication, editing, creation of a bilingual version, notary certification.

English-Russian Translation Of Marketing Documents (7,360 Words)

English-Russian translation of marketing documents for an international PVC pipe manufacturer: product descriptions, catalogs, website content, articles.

Russian-English Translation Of Training Materials (107,000 Words)

Translation of educational materials for SFCG project: a handbook, an instructor guide, video subtitles, presentations, and other training materials.

Russian-English and English-Russian translation of project materials (9,000 Words)

English-Russian and Russian-English Translation of project reports and interviews about Art & Theatre programmes. Scope of work: 9,000 words. Project time: 3 days.


Russian-English Translation (44275 Words) For A Large International Project

Russian-English translation: government, public administration, and legal documents. A set of 5 documents including an international treaty, government decree, provisions and draft laws.

English-Russian Curriculum Translation (16,800 Words)

English-Russian translation of a curriculum for IREX Kyrgyzstan. Estimated scope of work: 16,800 words.

English-Russian Translation of CASIO G-SHOCK 2019 Collection Booklet (1400 Words)

Translation of CASIO G-SHOCK 2019 lineup marketing materials for a local retailer.

Russian-English Translation Of A Website + Company Presentations (2209 Words)

Russian-English translation of a website about document leak detection technology and its implementation by companies for leak prevention and investigation of data theft cases. Russian-English translation of company presentations.

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