English to Russian Technical Translation

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Whether you need to translate a technical manual or operating instruction, a website or a training video, or looking for other professional English to Russian translation services in your area of expertise, we stand ready to become your competent and reliable partner.

Take Advantage of English to Russian Translation for Businesses

Russian is the native or second language for more than 250 million people. The population of the Russian Federation alone is over 144 million people. Russian is widely used in CIS and post-Soviet countries as the official langauge or the language of interethnic communication. It is the most widely spoken Slavic language and the eighth-most spoken language in the world.

Also, Russian is the second-most commonly used language on the Internet.

Thus, English-Russian translations possess great potential for businesses.

Technology and technical terms have become a natural part of our everyday language and technical documentation is critical both for companies and the target users. Such documents may include:

  • Technical manuals
  • Users guides
  • Training materials
  • Installation and operation instructions
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Safety reports
  • CMS data
  • Websites

Companies willing to expand to other markets or sell their products internationally need their technical documentation to be translated, and the accuracy of such translation is of great importance for them. Sometimes, bad technical translation is worse than no translation at all, and that is why it must be taken very seriously. This work is complex and requires not only advanced linguistic skills but also a thorough knowledge of the product, technical field in question, and the terms used.

This can be ensured only by entrusting English to Russian technical translation to the experienced, qualified, and responsible native-speaking professionals.

English to Russian Technical Translation is Challenging

The Russian language has 33 letters, ten of them for vowels, soft and hard sounds for consonant letters, stressed letters and stressed words which give the same sentence different meanings, and many other features. The written Russian language is the challenge in itself. There are three grammatical genders, six cases that need to be used correctly, and quite complex grammar overall. But, most importantly, one has to “feel” the language to fully master it and make the translation smooth and easy to comprehend.

All these features should be considered when translating a technical document just like any other.

Therefore, our technical translators are not just native speakers, they have that essential feeling of the language combined with specific skills and knowledge needed for accurate technical translation. They fully realize the importance of precision, consistency, and integrity across the project, correct interpretation of technical terms, and minding even the tiniest of details.

Given all that, the technical translation still remains a challenging task and requires a highly professional and responsible approach, leaving no room for loose rendering of words and concepts.

Our Principles of High-End English to Russian Technical Translation

With more than a decade of successful experience in technical translation, we elaborated several principles which help us deliver high-quality results to our customers and constantly receive positive feedback without a single complaint.

Modern Translation Technologies

We always use CAT tools and a number of other software solutions to make our work as accurate, convenient and cost-effective as possible.

Glossaries and Style Guides

We also compile glossaries for all the technical terms and abbreviations used across the project and apply relevant style guides to ensure the consistency of translation.

Understanding the Technical Processes and Concepts

Besides being experts in English-Russian translation and having a thorough knowledge of the subject matter, our technical translators employ the most responsible and meticulous approach to their work, leaving no unclear term or technical concept behind.

English has become the language of science and technology around the world, therefore original technical texts are often prepared by non-native speakers, which causes not only grammatical but also logical errors. We can decipher even the most incomprehensible and negligently made source text and transform it into a flawless translation.

Neat and Clear Russian Translation

Another principle is to avoid redundancy and unnecessary sophistication and be as clear and concise as possible to efficiently communicate with readers. We strive to make the translated texts easily perceivable, without errors or ambiguities.

Usage of Proper Trade Jargon

One more important point is the knowledge of subject-specific word combinations and expressions used in certain industries, rather than simply using glossary terms. Without that, any technical text, even if it is written in the perfect Russian language, won’t sound natural for technical professionals.

Linguistic Quality Control

To err is human, therefore any documents targeting a large audience should be checked for typos and other casual mistakes. Our editors double-check and proofread the materials as a mandatory part of the QC workflow.

English to Russian Technical Translation for Different Industry Sectors

Being a Jack of all trades, master of none is not the best approach to technical translation. Therefore, we work only in those fields of expertise where we can ensure high-quality output.

These areas include:

  • Geological exploration, mining and processing of minerals
  • Engineering and construction
  • Electric power supply
  • Renewable energy
  • Environmental studies
  • Heavy machinery
  • Civil aviation
  • Food and beverage manufacturing

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the highest quality translations while making our cooperation not only cost- and time-effective, but also pleasant, flexible, and mutually rewarding.

Click the quote button to calculate the cost of our services or request a free consultation regarding your technical translation project.

Author: Ruslan Akhmetgaleev

Author: Ruslan Akhmetgaleev

English-Russian Technical Translator

Despite my technical background (Degree in Computing Techniques and Automation Systems), I have been intensively studying English since 2000. Starting from 2014, I turned myself entirely to translation and worked with documents from various knowledge areas, including law, techologies, social studies and politics.




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