Six months ago I started this blog with an idea to share what I’ve learned for almost 9 years of freelancing and to attract attention of a specific audience – translators and interpreters. However, this was not the only purpose of this website.

As you may see, the domain name clearly states who I am and what visitors can expect to find here. Russian translator is a very competitive keyword and I wanted to improve my site ranking on search engines using various promotion methods. One of the methods used for website promotion is called content marketing. That’s what I applied to this website. I developed a content plan and posted one article about translation once a week. I managed to reach a good position on Google search results page over the half year of blogging (not for “Russian translator” but for a longer keyword – “professional Russian translator”, you may check this search phrase on google and see what it looks like).

Now it is time to concentrate on another audience that is very important for every translator who has a personal website for business. Therefore, I decided to move this blog about translation business to another domain and continue posting helpful articles for translators on Successful Freelance Translator (SFT) blog, while Russian Translator Pro (RTP) will be used for content aimed at potential clients.

Now I have doubled workload with blogging but I will try to post one article a week both on SFT and here on RTP.

While everything is clear with the further fate of RTP, the new website has a slightly different format. As I already mentioned, I will continue blogging about freelance translation business. However, I have many ideas on how to make SFT even more interesting and useful for translators and interpreters.

I’m planning to add courses section with both free and paid self-paced courses. Each course will have a separate forum thread where SFT members will be able to discuss topics covered in courses, ask for help and/or help other members. In addition, there will be a special site section for guest posts of SFT members that will help to slightly improve their websites rankings in the beginning of the project and add real SEO value with growing popularity of SFT. My ambitions plans include establishment of a strong community of freelance translators who will readily help each other to enhance online presence, create better selling websites and promote translations service on the Internet more effectively.

As the first step on this long road, I created a special Facebook group for SFT members – translators and interpreters. You’re more than welcome to apply. In this group, you may post questions that are important for your professional development and receive answers from colleagues, share your helpful ideas, insights and experience, post surveys, picture, infographics and much more.

The new website is still under development and I will appreciate it if you share your opinion about it in a comment section below this post. Many heads are better than one and I think that you have a lot of impressive ideas that can make SFT better. Please, tell me what you want to see on a new website.

I would like to ask you a favor – share the bellow message on Twitter or Facebook and you will help me to move this project to another level.

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Thanks for all your support and help!



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