Hi, my name is Simon. I’m native Russian certified translator with over 8 years of experience in translation.

Recently I decided to start my new blog about freelance earnings and translation business to share my experience with newcomers and help freelancers feel more confident when starting their way to successful online business.

My new blog will cover all necessary information to start freelance translation business and develop it stage by stage.

No matter how experienced you are in translation (working for a translation agency or a company), there is always a room for development. In this regard, freelance offers incredible opportunities to boost your knowledge, promote you own business, increase earnings and do what you really like.

My blog will include the most important topics, such as preparation of necessary information:

This is not a complete list of topics, I believe that there is much more information I can share with my readers.

I will appreciate if you join me on social networks and subscribe to my new blog, follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

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