In March 2016 Erik Hansson, the founder of a popular Facebook group Things Translators Never Say, sent me a message on Twitter and offered to take part in his new project. The idea was simple but totally awesome: Twitter promotion for one colleague every day with a short tweet using  hashtag.

Twitter Promotion for Translators and Interpreters

If you already have a large number of followers and want to help your mate translators and interpreters by promoting them on Twitter – join the campaign now!

Write a tweet using the following format:

#xl8promote In my network @TwitterName translator Source Language > Target Language, #specialization RT welcome

Or just click to tweet the following message:

[Tweet “Promote and be promoted! Join #xl8promote project to spread the word about #excellent #translators!”]

Erik also offers Twitter promotion in his network (over 8.2K followers). Send him a direct message if you are interested in being promoted on Twitter.

This is a unique chance to take an advantage of Twitter promotion project for translators who are willing to increase their online presence.

As you may know, Twitter is one of the largest social networks on the web with over 1.3 billion registered users. According to recent statistics, the average number of unique monthly visitors on Twitter reaches 120 million with 500 million of unregistered users visiting Twitter every month.

If you have not yet registered on Twitter, it is high time to sign up and start using the incredible communication and networking opportunities offered by this social network!

Moreover, Twitter can be a good place to find new contacts in the translation industry or even a new job!

You may use various hashtags like #t9n #job, #xl8, #translation #jobs, etc. to search for relevant topics.

Today robust online presence is very important for every freelance translator. I’ve been talking about this topic in my previous article about the personal website for freelance translators. In addition to that, your presence and active participation in Twitter discussions may add value to your online profile thus increasing your chances to be found by potential clients.

Don’t miss your boat! Join Twitter promotion project for translators today!

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