WordPress theme and plugin developers spend a lot of time and effort to bring the product into the market, analyze the audience, elaborate a perfect pricing strategy, promote the product, keep it updated and render support to the customers to ensure excellent user experience.

However, sales of WordPress theme or plugin is one of the main concerns of any developer. In addition to many common ways to increase sales of WordPress theme or plugin, there is an underestimated opportunity to attract new customers — you can translate WordPress themes and plugins into Russian and sell them to the Russian audience.

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Russian Market Statistics

We all know that English is the #1 language of the Internet, but you may be surprised to know that the second most popular language on the web is the Russian language with 6.4% of content being written in Russian.

Based on the number of users, the Russian language takes the 7th place with the total of ~120M Russian-speaking Internet users worldwide.

25% of all sites use WordPress while the approximate number of websites in the Russian language is 220 million. Simple math shows that about 55 million Russian sites could be using WordPress.

Isn’t is a large audience to target at?

Marketing surveys showed that ~80% of customers prone to buy products online if the product is available in their native language.

I think the above data can serve as a sound reason to use an opportunity of attracting 55 mln potential Russian customers who could not use your themes and plugins before because of language barriers. All you need to do is to translate WordPress themes and plugins into Russian.

Cost of English-Russian translation of WordPress themes and plugins

Cost of translation of a WordPress theme or plugins will depend on the following factors:

  • Scope of work (number of words to be translated)

To identify the scope of work you can count the number of translatable words in your files. Thanks to PoEdit (I use this wonderful gettext editor for my translation projects) you can find the number of words in PO files. Then add the number of words in your product description, help docs (if any). Do not forget about metadata and keywords. Then you need to multiply the total number of words by per word rate of a service provider. Alternatively, you can request a free quote and I’ll prepare a project cost estimate for you.

My standard rate for English-Russian translation is $0.14 per word. Let’s say you have a simple theme or plugin that contains 250 translatable words (one standard page). In this case, translation into Russian will cost only $35!

  • Agency or Freelance translator

Agency rates may differ from rates charged by some freelance translators. Usually, agencies have larger overheads due to rental payment, bigger taxes, and administrative expenses than freelancers. Therefore, if you are going to translate WordPress theme or plugin into Russian — native Russian freelance translator will be your best option.

Additional Considerations

Translation of software products requires specific skills and knowledge. Keeping this in mind, you should find a native Russian freelance translator who has experience working with WordPress and software localization in general.

If you want to boost your product sale with Russian translation you can request a free quote or order my translation services via email. You can also drop me a message here on a website. Just click a chat icon in the right bottom part of your screen.

Also, visit my Website Translation page to learn more about website translation services.

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